Brian Lucraze is just fucking awesome.  He didn’t write this copy – the rest of the band wrote this copy – and the rest of the band agrees (as you will, too) that Brian Lucraze is just fucking awesome.  If there is a better Live Band Karaoke MC and singer out there, none of us want to know about him/her because our heads would surely explode.

Chris Enriquez also didn’t write this copy.  And at the risk of sounding redundant, Chris Enriquez is fucking awesome.

Pale skin. dark hair. Not Spanish, but some have been fooled. Mutinous to the core, Jordan the Usurper wrested the bass chair in Infinity Spaceship from Christian in a psychic coup d’état of love. J the U has spent the last 15 years of his life experimenting with lifestyles, whittling, and honing in, via deduction, on the basic nature of cats. With exception to his bassist/guitaristish role in Infinity Spaceship, Jordan bends and unbends strings in other bands, often for weeks at a time. Please call 917-945-4703 (cell) if you would like to either fight or have sex with Brian.



Sugar is sweet, but Sugar’s also bad for you. And you love it. He’s been called the Sweet Poison and the Silent Killer. Well, the edible crystalline carbohydrates have been called those fiery names, but Sugar does answer to the names Oscar Albis Rodriguez, Guru, Oskie, O-Rod, O-Dog, O-Town, Albis, The Big O, Little Guy, and Dad (Ladies, he’s not a father, he just acts like one to his many bandmates on tour – also Ladies, Sugar’s no longer single and no longer on the “look” as Mr. Kraly says – you snoozed and lost – well, except for one of you). Blah blah blah, he plays different instruments in different bands but within the confines of the Infinity Spaceship he is a “guitarist”. And not a tasteful one. Sometimes he plays drums on the Hole song when Enriquez needs to piss. But he plays the drums poorly.  However, he is really good at The First Date (the only serious thing in this bio) but you’ll never know since his Ok Cupid account has been deactivated.

At 5’8’’, 145 pounds, Christian Anderson Oates (XCHIN) is one part musician, two parts jungle cat, and the rest parts sexual animal. A graduate of Oberlin Conservatory of Music (Class of ’97) he has spent the last 15 years of his life drinking, writing concept albums about pants (available on iTunes) and having unprotected sex with strangers he finds on Craigslist. In addition to his role as primary dancer for INFINITY SPACESHIP, he can also be seen in his other bands, XXXCHIN and the Sex Miracles, Tube Alert, and Go Sassy Fridays (GSF). Please call 917-945-4703 (cell) if you would like to either fight or have sex with him.