Live Band Karaoke at its Finest!

Woooo!!! INFINITY SPACESHIP! Making your sweet, sweet karaoke dreams come true, one hardcore and/or punk and/or [insert your favorite genre here] song at a time.

Our specialty is classic (and not so classic) Punk and Hardcore, but there’s a little Metal (for the ladies) and a little Pop (for ourselves) thrown in for good measure. Really, how can you have a Karaoke band, Punk/Hardcore or not, without doing at least one Runaways song? And though Van Halen is neither Punk nor Hardcore nor Metal, in what terrible world would you consider omitting them? We can continue this discussion in more detail later, but suffice it to say we’ve assembled around 200 songs that we believe adequately bridge the aesthetic gaps that divide who we are, who we want to be, and who we pretend to be when we’re rocking. You’ll find (as we have) that song selection is, above all other things, an ethical decision. Come help us properly evaluate this decision, preferably over drinks, and together we’ll finally give our dreams permission to pine for themselves. If only for three smoky, shreekingly loud, head-banging minutes…let them pine.

It is really fun.


Having recently brought on a new member (Jordan…which reminds me…we need waaay sweeter stage names) we can now rock the gut-harmony and ridiculous synth patches on almost every song. Least of all it frees up at least one of us to just dance. Add our three smoke machines to the mix (more smoke machines than any other Karaoke band in Brooklyn!) and you’ll have a night to…if you’re lucky…half remember.

We’re currently playing the second Thursday of every month at Matchless in Williamsburg ( . The next show is January 13th…do try and come. There’s no cover, the food is great (better than stupid Enids across the street), and the keyboard player will kiss you on the mouth.

Check out our song list. Email us suggestions and requests. Email us hate mail and threats. Or just show up and ROCK.

We are a Live Karaoke Band. That is what we do.

All our love,



About infinityspaceship

Infinity Spaceship [in-fin-i-tee speys-ship] 1. a spaceship that possesses a quality or qualities that are infinite. 2. a Live Karaoke Band from Williamsburg, Brooklyn. 3. a hypothetical tendency for the universe to attain a state of maximum homogeneity in which all matter is at a uniform temperature (heat death; see also face melting). 4. a doctrine of inevitable social decline and degeneration.
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